MOC/Re-entry ABOG Exam Testimonial

Dear Dr. McSherry,

Thank you so much for your hard work and the assignments. I passed the re-entry exam thanks to the one month I spent with you on the written test review! I was reading mostly the ACOG 2013 Compendium, but your course took my review to another level. I know I would not have passed without your help! The repetition and the homework were extremely helpful. In addition to attending every single class, I was also reading about 2 hours a night and 4-6 hours a day on the weekend in addition to the weekly homework. Your course helped me to have the discipline and focus I needed as well as the perspective on the material to be able to do well. I really appreciate your commitment to our success and hope that other physicians follow your lead and pass their exam. I have to say the post card advertisements were so annoying that I finally contacted you just to find out what could be so guaranteed great. Well, I am proof that your program works. Thanks again!