MOC Part III - Courses

MOC part III Written secure exam is now offered for the year 6 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) exam. Two – 50 question exam “selectives” are chosen by the Diplomat. The test selectives include two identical lists each consisting of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Office Practice & Women’s Health, Obstetrics only, Gynecology only, or Office Practice and Women’s Health only. Each diplomat must choose one item from each of the (two identical) lists at the time of their application to the Board. The exam is 105 minutes; questions will be multiple-choice, single-best answer type and are based on common clinical problems.

OB/Gyn Board Prep courses will prepare you for the year 6 MOC written exam. Maximize your study efficiently with our time saving exam–focused review courses. These OB/Gyn Board Prep programs are the only courses available where diplomats are provided with extensive exam exposure to MOC “test selectives.” You will have the opportunity to recognize your vulnerabilities and knowledge gaps through exam questions which focus on the latest practice guidelines published by ACOG. Our time-saving study aids are guaranteed to contain what you need to pass your exam all in a fraction of the time in comparison with other courses.