Webinars for Written Exam

Webinars for Written Exam

Starting November 2022 – July 2023

Tuesday – Thursday from 8 pm EST – 9 pm EST

Rolling Enrollment – Begin and finish courses at any point during the season.

We are the only Board Review course to offer regularly scheduled webinars to enhance your knowledge and master question answering skills.  Join our faculty Monday-Thursday and dissect questions, learn how to identify topics, and study the highest yield information.

  • Webinars are on-going, and candidates will have access to previous webinars if joining mid-month
  • Purchase courses as month to month plan or save over $2400 with a Season Pass (pass gets access to whole course no matter when you join)
  • Season Pass Payment Plan available
  • Didactic Lectures with Talented and Board Certified Faculty
  • Directed reading for only high-yield material
  • Weekly Quizzes and Exams
  • Mentoring and Coaching from Faculty through course interaction
  • Online platform allows you to study when and where you need to for your schedule!
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