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Dr. Wall’s Ob/Gyn Board Prep has over 30 years of exam preparation experience with a proven track record of getting Residents and Attendings that struggle with exams to success! Our board-certified faculty has experience and the credentials to make a difference in our candidate’s outcomes. This includes faculty that teach at universities and design curriculum to help those with fear and issues on exam day.

We offer you the best services to assist your Resident Physicians:

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Basic Study
one time / Resident 9 months of services!
  • Written Weekly Webinar Online Course
  • Test Taking Skills Workshop
  • Diagnostic Exam
  • Two “Check Up” Exams
  • Dr. Wall’s Famous 5-Star Study Guide
  • Ob-Gyn Illustrated Guide
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Add-On Tutoring Services Available at Checkout

Tutoring services are designed to be flexible and help your Residents with specific subjects and knowledge deficits. Our board-certified faculty will work with your Residents one-on-one on a schedule that works for them. Sessions can be over the phone or by Zoom meetings.

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