MOC – Maintenance of Certification year VI Part III – Webinars

Listen to the ONLY LIVE MOC webinars to prepare you for the Year VI part III MOC written exam. Webinars can be purchased monthly for only $495.00.  We hold 10-14 webinars per month. Tue and Thur – Test Selective exams in Office, Gyn, OB, Ob/Gyn Office Practice. We are the only board review that holds live test taking webinars. All webinars are saved and can be viewed at a later date if you are unable to attend live.

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Current Recorded Webinar: (Archived by Denise Mcsherry, Wed, Nov 20, 2013 10:47 AM CST)
2013-11-19 20.01 2014 Dr Wall_s MOC_WRITTEN Prep …pm.wmv
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