Course Info

Course Info

Want to gain the confidence to ensure success on your next OB/GYN board exam?

OB/GYN BOARD PREP is the leading OB/Gyn board review course in the nation, with an extensive history and impressive success rate for the ABOG/AOBOG oral and written exams. Founded by Dr. Wendell A. Wall, we pride ourselves on offering “the Gold Standard of board preparation.” Our courses are taught by a team of highly skilled and experienced physicians dedicated to helping candidates successfully achieve certification. With over 30 years of history, our courses have assisted over 25,000 physicians in preparing for their board certification exams, which constitutes over 60% of all OB/Gyns in the country. Our proven track record and convenient online course schedules make us the review course of choice for 90% of OB/Gyn board candidates each year. We offer OB/Gyn board candidates a wide range of review courses to best suit their preparation needs, including:

  • Weeknight Webinars
  • Pass Boot Camps
  • Written Preparation Courses
  • Live Seminars
  • Home Study Guides
  • Private Tutoring

Convenient Nightly Online Courses Available

At OB/Gyn Board Prep, we are proud to be the ONLY board review course to offer online courses weeknights to help candidates prepare for their oral and written exams. Our online courses are available Tuesday through Thursday nights, and include mock oral exams, case list preparation and written test review. These courses are designed to help board candidates fully prepare for their exams without interrupting their busy schedules.

Courses Focused On Candidate Participation

We believe the key to passing your exams is to take an active role in the review process, which can be achieved through our customized courses that promote candidate participation through mock examinations, personalized case list preparation and review, timed written exams and private tutoring, depending on each candidate’s individual needs.

Proven Success Rates

Dr. Wall’s comprehensive approach to board review has afforded us the highest success rates among OB/Gyn board candidates, with a 97.2% pass rate for written candidates and a 97.3% pass rate for oral candidates. This impressive rate is why so many board candidates choose OB/Gyn Board Prep to help them achieve their board certification status. Take advantage of the leading OB/Gyn board review course in the country to thoroughly prepare for your exams and gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve your certification.

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