Oral Exam 2013 Testimonial

Oral Exam 2013 Testimonial

Dear Dr. Wall and Dr. McSherry,

I am sincerely thank you for your help to get me board certified.  I have attended different courses in my previous exams and have found nothing that could compare with this one.  The components of your package, nightly webinars, hourly tutorial weekly, Must Pass Camps, and the mock orals, have made me transitioned from a novice to a board certified OB/GYN.

There are 3 instructors that I would like to mention to you as they are not just only great, but the greatest.

Dr. Hallak – The Man in preparing and providing the most up to date patient care info and management skills during the Must Pass Camp.

Dr. Walton – The Examiner in perfecting the oral examination skills.

Dr. Do – My Mentor, My Teacher, and My Examiner in providing and perfecting my knowledge base and skills

Thank you.



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