I Passed – Oral Exam Testimonial 2013

I just found out that I passed the oral board exam I took on 01/13/2014. I just want to say a big thank you to you, Dr. Walls and all the other faculties for the webinars and mock orals. Your inputs and contributions were very resourceful and handy for the exam and it made the preparation … Read more

Oral Exam 2013 Testimonial

Dear Dr. Wall and Dr. McSherry, I am sincerely thank you for your help to get me board certified.  I have attended different courses in my previous exams and have found nothing that could compare with this one.  The components of your package, nightly webinars, hourly tutorial weekly, Must Pass Camps, and the mock orals, … Read more

Exam Question of the Day – February 4, 2014

An excision is performed on the vulva and is diagnosed as vulvar melanoma. Depth of invasion is noted 1.5 mm depth on invasion. The next step is to: A.Observation B. Local excision with 2-3 cm margin C.To treat by radical vulvectomy with nodal dissection D.Radiation therapy E.Chemotherapy Answer: B Comprehensive Gynecology 6th Ed.  pgs. 699-701 … Read more

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