Webinars – Oral

Webinars – Oral


2024 Webinar Course and Interactive Series:

May 2024 – November 2024

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Tuesday and Thursday from 9pm – 10pm EST

Join our board-certified faculty as we take you through the material and presentation styles that will earn you success on the big day! Make sure you practice what matters for oral boards…Talking! 

Our course includes:

  • Case list design and construction
  • Didactic Lectures on high yield materials (and readings)
  • Candidate Lectures to increase retention and practice presenting
  • Presentation style and techniques, with coaching
  • Structured Cases “Case of the Day” Simulation
  • Case List Presentation “Mock Orals” Simulation
  • Personalized On-Line Classroom to help you stay on top of material (lecture recordings, readings, presentations)

During the Season:

  • Lectures on Case List Topics, Case list construction
  • Case List Prep and Construction (cont.) and Begin Mock Orals
  • Mock orals, Case of the Day presentations, Hot-Seat (Knowledge base testing) nights

Learn how to respond to questions correctly and avoid traps examiners place you in during your mock exam.

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Webinars – Oral