Webinars – Oral

Webinars – Oral


Starting March 2022 – December, 2022 Ongoing Monday – Thursday from 8 pm – 9 pm EST (March – June) and then 9 pm – 10 pm EST (July – Dec.)

NOTE: Webinar sessions commence at the beginning of each month. Should you register within the month you will receive the archived recordings from the beginning of that month.


2022 ONLINE WEBCAST: Structured “Case of the Day” and Case List Mock Orals – ONLINE

Starting March – December 2022, Monday – Thursday from 9pm EST – 10pm EST – These ONLINE Webcasts are on-going, and candidates will have access to previous webinars if joining mid-month.

We are currently the only Board Review course that offers LIVE Structured CASE OF THE DAY and Case List Examinations. Candidates present their case list while a faculty member interacts. Case of the Days are Board simulated. Candidates can choose which type examination they want. All Sections of the examination covers OBSTERICS, GYNECOLOGY AND OFFICE. Candidates enrolled will have an opportunity to “volunteer” for an examination. Schedules are published midmonth so the candidate can choose up to 2 sessions. All sessions are archived and available for viewing at a later time.

  • March – June – Nightly Lectures on Case List Topics – Presented by candidates all PowerPoints are distributed at end of webinar
  • July/August – Case List Prep and Construction and Mock Orals
  • August – December – Mock orals and Case of the Day presentations
  • This package includes all lecture topics covered – Emailed to you via Drop Box – for you to print out and use as a guide to your study

Learn how to respond to questions correctly and avoid traps examiners place you in during your mock exam.

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