“The Oral Course”

“The Oral Course”


A Must Take Course for the Oral boards!

  • Our complete program includes 4 steps to prepare you for your Certifying Exam.
  • Increase your Oral Board’s Success by bundling with Mock Orals.

Total for Mock Orals Add-on: $ 0

Add-On Mock Orals (for increased success)


The Oral Course” 

Steps to Success Model:

The Oral Course is offered through an online web-based program for steps 2, 3, and 4. Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email confirming the purchase of “The Oral Course.” The course opens the week of May 27th, 2024. Once the course opens you will receive a username and password to access steps 2, 3, and 4.

STEP 1:  Attend Case List Preparation Course! (Either June 15 or July 11, 2024)

  • How do I set up my case list?
  • What’s important for case list construction?
  • How do I get my exam to ask the questions I want to answer?
  • If unable to attend the live broadcast, a recording will be provided for those who purchase “The Oral Course.”

We will answer these questions and show you the “perfect case list” when you attend our case list preparation workshop.  Why go through the process without an expert?

STEP 2:  Getting to know your case list is the blueprint to success!

  • Find the “hot spots” of your case list and learn how to study.
  • Review your case list and know what examiners look for.
  • Construct an ultimate study guide using your case list.
  • Discover the biggest pitfalls and learn what to do on exam day.
  • Working with our faculty in these sessions, you will have a uniquely designed level of experience to better understand the process and how to interact with examiners.
  • We will walk you through questions and answers.
  • Identify bad habits and start working on the perfect technique. 


Step 3: Learning the rules of the game

  • Get ready for questions and learn high-yield material.
  • Walk through the “must know” and learn the “buzz words”.
  • Find “hot spots” in your case list and learn to handle them.
  • Build your testing endurance and understand the pace of the exam.
  • Learn how to answer questions smoothly with a continuous flow.
  • Tackle “case of the day” style questions and how to maneuver through them.
  • Understand the process and map out your exam day.
  • High-yield updates and learn about imaging/models/demos.


Step 4: The Final Countdown!

  • Learn how to move on after stumbling or handling hard questions.
  • Apply the finishing touches and shine up your responses.
  • We will send you the video lecture after completion of Phase 3.
  • This is a pre-recorded video lecture from the amazing Dr. Wall, who is known as the foremost expert on oral examination.  He will guide you through everything you need to make a winning impression on your big day!
  • Complete at your own pace!


Price $1,895.00

“The Oral Course”